School vision


Vision statement

CDAT’s vision is to provide the very best education for every child in St Matthew’s so that they succeed and are well prepared to move onto the next phase of their schooling. Our strong Christian ethos will be the foundation of all we do and, by guiding and informing the actions of children, staff and governors, will result in:

  • support for our leaders to be highly effectively in leading school improvements

  • support for our teachers and support staff to be outstanding practitioners – providing high quality teaching so that every child learns and makes progress

  • a curriculum that is broad, rich and balanced; focussed on developing knowledge and skills; and meets the needs of every child

  • a learning environment within which children are happy and motivated learners

  • learning opportunities that are inclusive, engaging and challenging for every child

  • all children making at least the expected level of progress – with many exceeding – and all achieving their full potential

  • children being listened to and their views taken into account

  • working with parents to enable them to contribute to their children’s learning

  • working with other schools and the wider community to ensure that we maximise learning opportunities they can provide for our children and staff

  • valuing and respecting children from all faiths and beliefs – and taking into account their beliefs when planning for their learning and the learning of others.