The sock experiment

Date: 10th May 2015 @ 2:06pm

Have you placed your wet socks around the home?

What places have you chosen?

Have you noticed anything so far?

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Rhiannon Jones-Ager wrote:

One in our fireplace.
One in The fridge
One ear the cellar steps
One on a windowsill
One on radiator

Owen Norris wrote:

I put my socks

In the fridge

On my bedroom window sill

In the cellar

On top of the snake tank

And finally,on the radiator

Maizie wrote:

freezer, fridge, window ledge,radiator and dressing table

Abbie Williams wrote:

One on are windowsill,
One in the fridge,
One on the table,
One on the radiator,
And one in a cupboard

sadie mcloughlin wrote:

one in the freezer
one in the shed
one on the radiator
one on the windowsill
one in the coat room