Year 2 2019 - 2020

Mrs Simon

Welcome to Year 2

Dear All

Welcome to all of the eager, beautiful and excited children in Year 2.

We have a very busy term ahead.  Our main topic this half term is 'Fire! Fire!' and we will be looking in depth at 'The Great Fire of London'.  We will be learning about where the fire started and how it spread.  The events will be put onto a timeline.We will also look at what the houses were made out of and how houses have changed over time.  This will include  baking some cakes as Thomas Farrinor did and going on a trip to Staircase House to find out about Samuel Pepys.  We may write some of our own diaries too.  

We will also be looking at the festival of Diwali and learning about the HIndu faith and of course we will talk about Bonfire night and the story of Guy Fawkes.

In Science, we will be looking at animals, including humans.  We will talk about what animals need to stay alive and will sort objects into living and non-living.  We will make observations as we excercise and talk about the importance of excercise.

In English we will be exploring some exciting texts including 'The Owl Babies', 'Wild' and 'Man on the Moon'.  We will be writing our own narrative stories with embelishments and writing instructions and fact files about animals as a link to our Science topic.  

In RE we are going to be looking at 'God' and will be looking at the story of Moses from the Old Testament.  This will include drama and art activities. 

Maths will be all about number and place value.  We will then move on to addition and subtraction using number lines and then moving onto formal written calculations.  Parents will be invited to join us during one of our Maths lessons in November.

At the end of the term we will be performing the Nativity with our friends in Year 1.  Everyone will be invited to the Greatest Show!

As you can see, we have a very busy term ahead.

Thank you for your support

Mrs Simon

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