Y1, 2 & 3 art display at the town hall

Lesson: Art and design

Class: Year 1 Year: 2017 - 2018

This whole work has been a journey of exploration, learning and development in understanding and skills. 
The children have discovered the history of Stockport’s old buildings and their purposes, both in the classroom and on a walk around. 
They investigated in materials both literally and creatively. They learned new shapes and gained an understanding of how to see a building as simple shapes.
They have discovered new artists and been inspired to create. 
The viaducts were created using a template. The children selected from a range of materials and each cut out an arch. 27 arches complete the brick viaducts and 27 children made an arch each. 
Year 2 have been inspired by and created some very cool Mondrian style paintings. They loved working with the primary colours and found it a very relaxing process. 
Year 3 have created the most beautiful, simple and effective orange blossom trees inspired by Chinese symbolism of love and passion.