Year 3 Values Day activities

Lesson: Religious education

Class: Year 3 Year: 2017 - 2018

This year we looked at toilet twinning!  We raised money to twin our toilet with another toilet in a poorer country.  We thought about how it was important to have clean water and we worked with our friends in Year 2 to complete a water run.  It was great fun but we thought afterwards about all the things which were difficult and would not be fun for children in other countries.

We visited the library and completed lots of activities about hope, love and prayer.  It was fun.

In our class we looked at the value of thankfulness.  We played a thankfulness game with a partner and decorated a cross as we thought about what we thank God for in our prayers.  We were thankful for a lot of things from family to water and food to school.  We had a busy day!

We finished the day off by showing friendship and watching our friends in Year 5 perform a talent show for us.  We saw magic, singing and comedy!